is a non-profit arts institution;

produces and publishes in the field of art and design, 

manages, organizes and advises.


The main idea is to promote and disseminate Ümit İnatçı’s artworks internationally.

To provide an institutional structure to the art in our country so that contemporary art works can be appreciated within critical thinking, and qualified intellectual production.

To publish and produce printed (books and magazines), audio-visual and visual media related to all branches of art and project-curate art events in local and international platforms.

To bring universality and modernity to the cultural structure of the country by organizing international art festivals and biennials in cooperation with local institutions.

To provide art direction, consultancy and curator services to public and private institutions in their art projects.

To provide services related to corporate identity, book-magazine-web design and promotion in the field of graphic design to institutions and organizations.

UMIT INATCI ART CENTER is currently publishes an international bilingual art and visual culture magazine under the name Ars Axis (you can find it on this site).

Chair & Executive Director

Ümit İnatçı

(Artist, Art Critic, Curator)